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Upgrade your D-Premier to a Devialet 240. Now available.

Keep your Devialet state of the art

Our special upgrade offer enables you to transform your D-Premier into a Devialet 240 by updating your device's electronics.

Even better audio performance

3 years of optimization from a new electronics platform, specially equipped with a new faster and more dynamic power supply.

The full set of the range's new features

USB (plug-and-play from a computer) and wired streaming Ethernet inputs. New DSP with limitless signal processing capabilities.

Reconditioned devices: benefits and enjoyment

Factory reconditioning, testing and repackaging as a Devialet 240. New packaging and new 5 year warranty + 1 year extended warranty available. Compatibility with all future software updates

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The all new Devialet

comes in 4 sizes

All of the promises of a Devialet with no compromises, ADH sound, upgradability, ultra-simple use, a magnificent look, and all so easy to fit in your home.

The preferred unit of audiophiles for professional analog and digital inputs/outputs, power and the wealth of customisation and setting options.

The Devialet without compromise for enthusiasts. Equipped with complete options, over-powerful, configurable as a 500W mono-block and totally upgradable. Exclusive solid aluminium hand-polished frame.

From the creative spark that drives the artist, the poet and the engineer to do better, the Devialet 500 was born. The Devialet 500 meshes otherworldly sound reproduction (distortion can't be measured any more) with more than 2 x 500W of power reserve.  Amateurs, you'd best leave this one to the experts!