Audiophile Evolutive System

The ultimate audiophile system

Devialet Expert is the ultimate audiophile system, for the most discerning of music lovers.

Well above and beyond an ordinary amplifier, Devialet reinvents and combines for the first time all of the key components of expert playback (preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer) in a single slab. A perfect electronic architecture for exceptional performance.

Your Devialet Expert is unlike any other: set each of the thousands of possible configurations for a unique musical experience.

Regardless of the source. Regardless of the speakers.

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Unmatched performance

Devialet technologies reinvent each step of the musical signal chain for never before achieved levels of performance.

Pure sound. Explosive dynamics. Absolute silence. Perfect audiophile playback, with no sound signature. A rare emotional experience.

The performance delivered by Devialet Expert is the best ever measured, under actual usage conditions * :

0.00025%THD+noise (harmonic distortion) at full power
0.001ΩOutput impedance
133 dBSignal-to-noise ratio

*Dual-Mono measurement

Devialet inventions

ADH® analogue-digital hybrid amplification, SAM® system for real-time adaptation of the signal transmitted to the speakers, free, regular updates using the EVO® platform, HD audio stream (wired or wireless) via AIR®, DAC Magic Wire®... Devialet Expert is an engineering gem.

All Expert systems incorporate all of Devialet's audiophile technologies. 88 patents. 44 awards. The most award-winning audio system of all time.

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Your Devialet Expert unlike any other

Vinyl turntable, CD player, tuner, computer, smartphone, tablet, NAS, online music services, television : the Devialet Expert system elevates all of your music.

The Configurator enables you to adjust with absolute precision each setting of your audiophile installation. From defining active sources to setting the specifications of your phono cell, create a system unlike no other in the world.

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Une écoute unique, quelles que soient vos préférences

Quelles que soient vos sources, quelles que soient vos enceintes, Devialet Expert sublime votre installation audiophile. De la plus délicate des platines vinyles au fichier dématérialisé le plus haute définition de votre bibliothèque musicale, Devialet Expert vous fait redécouvrir l’intégralité de votre musique.

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Speaker Active Matching SAM®

For the first time, your speakers operate at peak performance levels while being perfectly protected.

Your speakers are not exactly like any others. Devialet Expert sends a signal that is precisely adapted to their acoustical architecture. Displacement, driver excursion, acceleration, speed... with SAM® technology, the Devialet Expert system has perfect knowledge of how your speakers behave.

220 speakers have already been precisely measured in our laboratory by Devialet acoustical engineers.

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The sensoriality of audiophile refinement

A technological gem, the fully omnidirectional Devialet remote enables you to control your installation with the tips of your fingers, with no latency.

A joyful experience.

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Infinite Setup Possibilities

Your system is unlike any other

Le Configurateur is the revolutionary tool enabling you to endlessly customise your Devialet Expert.

From defining the activated sources to the specifications of your phono cell, your Devialet Expert system precisely adapts itself to all of the specificities of your audiophile installation.

Le Configurateur is THE high precision audiophile tool.

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Speaker Active Matching

The best from your speakers

For the first time, SAM® technology (Speaker Active Matching) incorporated in Devialet systems enables the precise adaptation of the sound signal to the specifications of your speaker model. This is made possible by the powerful DSP at the heart of each Devialet system.

These built-in systems protect your speakers and ensure top performance.

220 speakers have already been precisely measured in our laboratory by Devialet acoustical engineers. Explore SAM Ready speakers

Discover the SAM Ready speakers

SAM Lab: a new frontier

In 2015, Devialet's engineers have succeeded in miniaturising the analysis laboratory of the speakers and to turn it into a portable equipment. The SAM LAB is born. Truly a great technological feat, SAM LAB will now enable Devialet engineers to progress more rapidly in their mission to make all speakers worldwide SAM® ready. Indeed, before reaching the end of 2015, Devialet’s engineers will have made SAM Ready every major speaker model.


The new Firmware V8 offers new unbelievable possibilities for the most demanding audiophiles.

RAM®, Record Active Matching: your vinyl records at their best

RAM®, Devialet's exclusive new technology (Record Active Matching) adapts in real time the phono stage parameters, including: EQ curves, mix mode, cartridge sensitivity and loading parameters. Now providing 11 new equalization curves.

MAT®, Minimal Arithmetic Transform: DSD Engine

DSD64 (DSD 1x) is now supported on USB and every high speed PCM digital input, through DoP v1.0 (DSD over PCM)

SAMV2 : Speaker Active Matching's new frontier

SAM is now able to model the most complex speakers, even those with passive radiators. (Requires the new Configurator, online on the 14th of May)

Intelligent Cinema Mode

Devialet transfigures your soundtracks, making voices and sound details more audible. Your movies have never sounded so good.

Dynamic Power Management

The power supply adapts continuously to the music playing for greater energetic efficiency..

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