Audiophile Evolutive System

The ultimate audiophile system

Devialet Expert is the ultimate audiophile system, for the most discerning of music lovers.

Well above and beyond an ordinary amplifier, Devialet reinvents and combines for the first time all of the key components of expert playback (preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer, phono stage) in a single and extremely thin slab.

Your Devialet Expert is unlike any other: set each of the thousands of possible configurations for a unique musical experience.

Regardless of the source. Regardless of the speakers.

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Discover - Performances

Unmatched performance

Devialet technologies reinvent each step of the musical signal chain for never before achieved levels of performance.

Pure sound. Explosive dynamics. Absolute silence. Perfect audiophile playback, completely transparent. A rare emotional experience.

The performance delivered by Devialet Expert is the best ever measured, under actual usage conditions * :

0.00025%THD+noise (harmonic distortion) at full power
0.001ΩOutput impedance
133 dBSignal-to-noise ratio

*Dual-Mono measurement

Discover - Les inventions Devialet

Devialet inventions

ADH® analogue-digital hybrid amplification, SAM® system for real-time adaptation of the signal transmitted to the speakers, free, regular updates using the EVO® platform, HD audio stream (wired or wireless) via AIR®, DAC Magic Wire®, RAM® Phono stage... Devialet Expert is an engineering gem.

All Expert systems incorporate all of Devialet's audiophile technologies. 88 patents. 50 awards. The most award-winning audio system of all time.

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Discover - Votre système

Your Devialet Expert unlike any other

Vinyl turntable, CD player, tuner, computer, smartphone, tablet, NAS, online music services, television : the Devialet Expert system elevates all of your music.

The Configurator enables you to adjust with absolute precision each setting of your audiophile installation. From defining active sources to setting the specifications of your phono cell, create a system unlike no other in the world.

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A unique listening experience, whatever your preferences may be

Regardless of your source and regardless of your speakers, Devialet Expert renders your audiophile setup breathtaking. From the most delicate of turntables to the highest quality file of your digital library, Devialet Expert allows you to rediscover all your music.

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Discover - Speaker Active Matching SAM

Speaker Active Matching SAM®

For the first time, your speakers operate at peak performance levels while being perfectly protected.

No speaker models are exactly the same. Devialet Expert sends a signal that is precisely adapted to their acoustical architecture. Displacement, driver excursion, acceleration, speed... with the SAM® technology, the Devialet Expert system has perfect knowledge of how your speakers behave.

647 Speakers

can already benefit from the revolutionary SAM technology

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Discover - Remote

The sensoriality of audiophile refinement

A technological gem, the fully omnidirectional Devialet remote enables you to control your installation with the tips of your fingers, with no latency.

A joyful experience.

le configurateur

Infinite Setup Possibilities

Your system is unlike any other

Le Configurateur is the revolutionary tool enabling you to endlessly customize your Devialet Expert.

From defining the activated sources to the specifications of your phono cell, your Devialet Expert system precisely adapts itself to all of the specifications of your audiophile installation.

Le Configurateur is the high precision audiophile tool allowing you to optimize your Devialet Expert system.

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Speaker Active Matching

For the first time, SAM® technology (Speaker Active Matching) incorporated in Devialet systems enables the precise adaptation of the sound signal to the specifications of your speaker model. This is made possible by the powerful DSP at the heart of each Devialet system.
These built-in systems protect your speakers and ensure top performance.

647 Speakers

can already benefit from the revolutionary SAM technology

Discover the SAM Ready speakers
SAM - Sam Lab Text

SAM Lab: a new frontier

In 2015, Devialet's engineers succeeded in miniaturising the speaker analysis laboratory, allowing the equipment to be portable for the first time.

The SAM LAB is born.

Truly a great technological feat, SAM LAB will now enable Devialet engineers to progress more rapidly in their mission to make all speakers worldwide SAM® ready. Before reaching the end of 2015, Devialet’s engineers will have made SAM Ready every major speaker model.

Watch the video

SAM is on tour

The SAM Lab Tour has begun. Look out for the next dates in your city!

travelled by our SAM engineers to make all your speakers SAM Ready
DATE Country City
From 12/18/2015 to 12/21/2015 Singapore Singapore HIFI.COM.SG
12/11/2015 Switzerland Winterthur Voice70 ag
From 12/10/2015 to 12/16/2015 Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong Square Wave HiFi
12/06/2015 France Aix-en-Provence La Maison de la Hi-Fi
12/05/2015 France Aix-en-Provence La Maison de la Hi-Fi
11/28/2015 United Kingdom Edinburgh Loud & Clear Edinburgh
11/27/2015 Switzerland Basel Kraske electronics AG
11/26/2015 Switzerland Genève Digistore
11/26/2015 France Toulouse Play
11/25/2015 United Kingdom Oxford Oxford Audio Consultants
11/21/2015 France Versailles Le Studio Hi-Fi
11/20/2015 France Versailles Le Studio Hi-Fi
11/15/2015 Belgium Bruxelles NEW MUSIC
11/07/2015 France Strasbourg Le Salon Acoustique
11/06/2015 France Tours L'Audiophile
10/30/2015 France Rennes HiFi 35
10/16/2015 Norway Oslo Stereofil
10/15/2015 Norway Oslo Norsk Audio Teknikk
10/14/2015 Norway Oslo DUET AUDIO EEB
10/10/2015 Luxembourg Luxembourg L'Audiophile
10/09/2015 Luxembourg Luxembourg L'Audiophile
10/03/2015 France Mouroux Espace Cinema
10/02/2015 France Nantes L’Auditorium Nantes
09/26/2015 France Grenoble Hi-Fi Vaudaine
11/13/2015 France Mulhouse Les Artisans du Son
11/13/2015 France Mulhouse Les Artisans du Son
09/18/2015 France Mulhouse Les Artisans du Son
09/17/2015 Latvia Riga Pro 1 Sound Store
12/09/2015 Sweden Stockholm Audio Concept
09/05/2015 Sweden Stockholm Audio Concept
09/04/2015 Sweden Stockholm Audio Concept
07/17/2015 New Zealand Christchurch Top Hi-Fi
07/16/2015 New Zealand Christchurch Top Hi-Fi
07/15/2015 New Zealand Hamilton The Audio Consultant - Hamilton
07/13/2015 New Zealand Auckland The Audio Consultant - Auckland
07/09/2015 Australia Kent Town VAF Research
07/08/2015 Australia Canberra Miranda Hi Fi
07/04/2015 Philippines Mandaluyong City Audio Visual Driver International Show Room
07/03/2015 Philippines Mandaluyong City Audio Visual Driver International Show Room
07/02/2015 Philippines Mandaluyong City Audio Visual Driver International Show Room

SAM measurements - Nautilus

Haute Fidelité • Devialet Edition d'Atelier
AvTech • Devialet Ensemble "Best Hi-Fi Innovation Award"
Hi-Fi Choice: revolutionary Devialet Ensemble sets new sonic standard
Stereoplay • EXPERT Devialet 400 "Kind of Magic"
Hifi News • SAM (Speaker Active Matching) by P.Miller
Hifi World: Parisian Chic
HiFi+ • Devialet Ensemble, the ultimate turnkey system
Devialet EXPERT 170 • Hi-Finews • P.Miller
DEVIALET 170 • Haute Fidelité (FR)
" Devialet,
un instrument de travail,
un instrument de plaisir.
Enfin ! "
Philippe Teissier du Cros, Sound Engineer
Philippe Teissier du Cros, Sound Engineer
Stereo: Music as it should sound with SAM
" Devialet is to music what Tesla is to automobile, a technological and emotional revolution! "
Tesla Motors France
Tesla Motors France
" The definition, roundness and purity of Devialet’s sound made me rediscover Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. I felt I was at the heart of the music. Bravo! "
Renaud Capuçon, Violonist
Renaud Capuçon, Violonist
" Devialet is the excellency of professional sound for music fans. "
Wax Tailor, Musician
Wax Tailor, Musician
" Devialet is impressive. They combine a mind blowing sound innovation – which is essential – with a perfect design and marketing with a rare quality! Job well done. "
Yves Riesel, CEO Qobuz
Yves Riesel, CEO Qobuz
" One day everyone will own a Devialet. It’s absolutely incredible! "
Thierry Chassagne, CEO Warner Music France
Thierry Chassagne, CEO Warner Music France
" It’s with immense emotion that I rediscover and share, with my Devialet, each one of the countless records I own. It’s vital that young pianists are able to get as close as possible to the work of big artists they didn’t get a chance to see in concert. "
Vladimir Tropp, Piano Professor @ Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Vladimir Tropp, Piano Professor @ Tchaikovsky Conservatory
" With Devialet we see music in colors. "
NUMA, Paris
NUMA, Paris
" When listening to music with a Devialet I have the feeling of rediscovering tracks I know. This system reveals the intensity of the sound and conveys the passion I feel in the creative process of playing but this time while listening. It’s really out of this world. "
Yaron Herman, Composer & Piano Player
Yaron Herman, Composer & Piano Player
" It’s magic to be able to reproduce with such precision this intangible and ephemeral art which is music. It’s when things surprise us constantly and become essential that you we recognise the real masterpieces. That is, without a doubt, what Devialet accomplished. "
Frédéric D'Oria-Nicolas, Piano Player
Frédéric D'Oria-Nicolas, Piano Player
" With their exclusive technology and their unique design, they succeeded brilliantly in reinventing the HiFi. "
Daniel Marhely, CEO Deezer
Daniel Marhely, CEO Deezer
" First, Devialet was for me a sound experience like I’ve never heard before. Then a triple revelation: technological, aesthetic and artistic. It’s exciting to see, once again, that French industry knows how to approach its market with a product of such high quality. "
Jacques Attali, Thinker
Jacques Attali, Thinker
" Its sound quality is now the stuff of audiophile legend. "
Paul Miller, Editor-in-chief @ Hi-Fi News
Paul Miller, Editor-in-chief @ Hi-Fi News


offers new unbelievable possibilities for the most demanding audiophiles.

Dear friends, today Devialet is proud to present you the new release of Expert’s internal Firmware, fruit of our engineers’ work. This version of the internal intelligence of the best audiophile system in the world brings it to new excellence heights.

Support of the Original d’Atelier

Enjoy the best embedded intelligence in Expert’s most astonishing iteration: the exclusive Original d’Atelier limited edition.

Fully dynamically configurable line input

Tune your line input with an absolute precision while listening to your music. Adapt in a perfect fashion the output and input levels and manage the level differences while changing from a digital source to your favorite analog sources with an absolute precision.

Enjoy numerous other improvements and minor bug fixes.

and always:

RAM®, Record Active Matching: your vinyl records at their best

RAM®, Devialet's exclusive new technology (Record Active Matching) adapts in real time the phono stage parameters, including: EQ curves, mix mode, cartridge sensitivity and loading parameters. Now providing 11 new equalization curves.

MAT®, Minimal Arithmetic Transform: DSD Engine

MAT®, Devialet's exclusive technology (Minimal Arithmetic Transform) is a lossless processing, involving less than 16 bit perfect additions to perform a 128 taps linear phase FIR filter. DSD 64 (DSD 1x)
is supported on USB and every high speed PCM digital input, through DoP v1.0 standard (DSD over PCM). Once more, your Devialet Expert system gains in versatility.

SAMV2 : Speaker Active Matching's new frontier

SAM is now able to model the most complex speakers, even those with passive radiators.

Intelligent Cinema Mode

Devialet transfigures your soundtracks, making voices and sound details more audible. All the power of your system is maintained. Your movies have never sounded so good.

Dynamic Power Management

The power supply adapts continuously to the music playing for greater energy efficiency..

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