One day, everyone will own a Devialet

The sound of the future unveils everyday :
3000W, zero distortion, zero noise. Heart Bass Implosion Speakers

Why is Phantom revolutionary ?

Phantom is unique. Its new revolutionary technology, invented by and exclusive to Devialet,
emits sound according to the absolute rules of acoustic perfection.

an integrated cybernetic intelligence

the ADH Intelligence regulates Phantom’s entire mechanical functioning with absolute precision. This technology - exclusive to Devialet - is a powerful microprocessor hybridizing digital and analog technologies, which purifies and magnifies the audio signal.

Heart Bass Implosion

Phantom integrates a unique system which emits ultra deep sounds by high pressure beating of its lateral wings.

Phantom’s spherical conception

is the perfect acoustic architecture when it comes to producing sound and spreading its energy evenly in all directions. Attention to details: there are no sharp edges on Phantom’s surface, to avoid diffraction along box surface.

cybernetics getting better everyday

thanks to the EVO Platform, your system keeps getting better everyday - no human intervention required. Once set up in your home, Phantom will upgrade itself constantly, enhance its internal connections, connect to other Phantoms, react to your presence and improve continually.

Because Devialet is strongly opposed to the obsolescence of systems.

750 W
99 db SPL

1690 €

3000 W
105 db SPL

1990 €


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