Implosive sound center

The best music equipment in the world.
For the first time, an ultra-dense sound
goes through you with a physical impact.

3 000 W, zero distorsion, zero background noise.

1 000 times superior

Phantom on its own will replace your stereo systems, speakers,
docking stations and home-cinema. It exceeds them at least 1.000 times
in terms of sound quality, thanks to several extraordinary engineering
inventions, among which the ADH Intelligence and the Heart Bass Implosion.
Exclusive to and created by Devialet’s acoustical engineering.

The new cybernetic sound

A different sound, the best sound in the world.
For the first time, Phantom emits
an ultra-dense sound with a physical impact,
with never reached before power, clarity and sharpness.
For an intense emotional experience.

Once you bring it home, Phantom evolves, permanently upgrades itself
without requiring your intervention, and reacts to your presence...

Is it alive ?


Rediscover the music on your smartphones, tablets
and computers, 100% wirelessly connected, by Wi-Fi.
Phantom can play on its own, or with other Phantoms.
In a room, or in the entire house.

Alone, or with friends.

Let there be happiness.

Phantom moved me to tears. 

Renaud Capuçon

for a sound revolution