Implosive sound

The best wireless speaker in the world


For the first time, experience ultra-dense sound with physical impact.
A power, clarity, and preciseness unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, cinema. Multi-room. Wireless.
Phantom replaces all existing systems.

Discover - Abolition

A new engineering that outperfoms all existing systems

Phantom is unique. More than a connected speaker, Phantom emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers: Patented Devialet inventions ADH and HBI. For more information.

Inventions patented by Devialet ADH® and HBI®.

Invented and made in France, protected by 88 patents, Phantom forever changes the world of sound.

12Kilos of high technology 
1.2Tonnes of pressure to seal Phantom hermetically
30Kilos of thrust force behind the lateral woofers

An ultra dense sound with physical impact

Phantom's ultra dense sound creates intense emotional experiences.

Uncover the richness of songs you have heard a thousand times in all their amplitude, from sub bass at 16hz to ultra sharp sound at 25kHz with no background noise, no saturation, no distortion, all that up to 3000 Watts and 105 Decibels of power.

Free shipping for PHANTOM
Discover - 1 ou plus

One or two Phantoms ?

One Phantom playing in solo is already an amazing experience, almost unbelievable for such a compact system.
With a second Phantom, discover a new universe: more powerful, more spatial, more extreme,
absolutely mesmerizing.

Click here to discover all that Dialog has to offer
Discover - Upgrade

Always up to date

Phantom is constantly improving,

It evolves and perfects itself with free updates,
for better performance and new functionalities:
Home Cinema 5.1, WebRadio, integration of new online music services...
several new features to come.

Solo, Duo, Multiroom

The best sound in the world

Phantom plays your music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
With just one PHANTOM or in a multi-room system, let the best sound in the world enter your home

Free shipping for PHANTOM >
uses - Enjoy banner

Music from your smartphone
is rendered breathtaking

With Phantom wirelessly play all the music saved on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


And many more...

Enjoy the best online music services

Whatever your music source is, via optical, Bluetooth or with Dialog, rediscover your favorite tunes on the best wireless speaker in the world.

Click here to discover all of what Dialog has to offer
uses - Multiroom Banner

Combine up to 24 Phantoms
the ultimate multi-room experience

Fancy a multi-room system? 2, 3, 4 ... up to 24 Phantoms can be synchronized with Dialog.
With Devialet's Spark application, you can play the same music on all the Phantoms
or shuffle from room to room, from Phantom to Phantom ...
There are no limits.

uses - DialogUse Banner

Functionalities available with Dialog

Click here to discover all of what Dialog has to offer

With Phantom, listen to all your music your way

Enjoy iTunes, music streaming services (Deezer, Spotify, Qobuz, TIDAL... ),
video streaming services (Youtube, Netflix... ), every WebRadios and PodCasts.
You decide.

Connect your Phantom wireless (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), or whith an optical cable.

Local Music
Computer, Smartphone, Tablet
Wi-Fi 4
Wi-Fi 4
Wi-Fi 4

Coming Soon

CD Player 3
TV 3

Connect an Airport Express or an Apple TV to the Toslink input of Phantom or Dialog


Connect an Airport Express or an Apple TV to the Toslink input of Phantom or Dialog

Nas UpnP
with Optical Output
1 Toslink cable connection with Phantom or Dialog
2 Bluetooth receiver offered with your phantom until June 14th. Click here to get it for free. Bluetooth included on June 15th.
3 The Remote App (Free) or Phantom's Remote is needed for this use.
4 Dialog is needed for this use
uses - More people, more fun

More people, more fun

Play together !

With the SPARK application, access all your friend's music that are connected to your Wi-Fi network and create for the first time a collaborative virtual playlist in realtime.


Phantom, the revolution

With the combination of Devialet's exclusive audiophile inventions, including ADH® and HBI®,
Phantom emits an ultra-dense sound with physical impact,
with no background noise, no saturation, no distortion all the way up to 3000 Watts.

Behind all these extraordinary performances, three key inventions.

Enjoy our technologies at home >
Technologies - ADH Intelligence

Analog Digital Hybrid ADH®

Invented by Devialet, ADH Intelligence is a technology that has succeeded for the first time in combining the sophistication of the Analog amplification (Class A) and the power and compactness of the Digital amplification (Class D).

This technology, also included in Devialet’s Expert products, amplifies the sound signal with utmost clarity and transparency.

Technologies - Heart Bass Implosion

Heart Bass Implosion HBI®

Developed for Phantom, HBI® is the only system in the world that allows for extremly low frequencies to be emitted from such a compact space .

Absolutely revolutionary, Phantom is built around two hermetic woofers that function under high pressure. The powerful beats of the lateral domes produce a unique ultra-dense sound with physical impact. Together with ADH*, this technology allows Phantom to reproduce levels of sound at the edge of infrasound (16Hz).

Technologies - Spheric

Active Cospherical Engine Loudspeaker ACE®

The ACE® Loudspeaker technology (Active Cospherical Engine) designates the spherical conception of Phantom, inspired by the thrusting sphere of Olson, the perfect acoustical shape.

It is the ideal shape to reproduce sound and spread it's linear energy in all directions. Phantom has the perfect acoustic architecture for an omnidirectional emission with a homogeneous sound no matter the listening angle and without any sound diffraction at the surface of the speaker.

Technologies - Evo Platform

Cybernetics getting better everyday

Thanks to the EVO Platform, your system keeps getting better everyday, without even requiring your intervention.

Even after setting it up in your home, Phantom permanently upgrades itself for free, makes its internal connexions evolve, and continually gets better.

Because Devialet practically acts against systems’ obsolescence...


Spark, the ultimate application for music sharing

Devialet's Spark application - downloadable for free- allows you to control your Phantom all together or individually, via Wi-Fi from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Shuffle from one song to another, from one room to another, from Phantom to Phantom.

Download Spark for all your devices

Spark App - Sources

All your sources
and your those of your friends !

Spark combines the music, songs saved on your devices or those of your friends' connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

With Dialog, Phantom’s intelligent hub, obtain access to the best online music services.

Spark App - Multiroom

Control up to 24 Phantoms.
The Multi-room at the touch of a button

With Spark, the possibilities are endless. Play your music at home when where and how you like:

the same song playing in harmony throughout your home or a different song in each room, control the volume, group and ungroup your Phantoms.

Spark App - Playqueue

The first really collaborative playlist

With Spark, all users connected to the same Wi-Fi network can interact with each other and create a collaborative playlist in real time.

You have access to your friends' music and they have access to yours. All you need to do is get together!

Spark requires a WI-Fi network compatible with Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.9, iOS 7, Android 4.4 and all higher versions.
Devialet's accessory, Dialog, is essential to connect more than one Phantom together and to have access to the online music services Deezer, TIDAL and Qobuz.



750Watts - 99dB

US$ 1,990


3000Watts - 105dB

US$ 2,390



Distortion : 0.001% | Saturation : 0 | Background Noise : < 0,5dB SPL at 3m


99 dB SPL at 1 meter

105 dB SPL at 1 meter


750 Wpeak

3 000 Wpeak


16Hz to 25kHz ± 2dB at 82dB SPL | 28Hz to 25kHz ± 2dB at 92dB SPL | 49Hz to 25kHz ± 2dB at 102dB SPL


TI PCM1798 24bits/192kHz


800MHz dual-core ARM Cortex - A9 MPCore processor, hard IP, and FPGA in a single Cyclone V System-on-Chip (SoC) 512 MB DDR3 Memory


Power supply with IEC 100-240 v 50/60Hz 10A


HBI® (Heart Bass Implosion), ADH® Intelligence (Analog Digital Hybrid), SAM® (Speakers Active Matching), EVO® Platform, ACE® Loudspeaker (Active Cospherical Engine)



Weight: 11 kg | Width: 253 mm | Height: 255 mm | Depth: 343 mm


Internal skin: Glass fiber filled polycarbonate | External skin: ABS | Aluminium central core | Aluminum dome drivers


White body RAL 9016
Polished stainless steel side
White dome drivers

White body RAL 9016
Polished stainless steel side
Silver dome drivers



1 to 24 PHANTOMS. Devialet Dialog is required


Dual-band Wi-Fi (a/b/g/n 2.4 gHz & 5 gHz)
Ethernet RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbps (gigabit)
PlC Homeplug Av2
Toslink optical input (Tv, blu-ray, video games console, …)


MacOS10.9+ | Windows7+ | iOS7+ | Android 4+


HE‑AAC (V1), AAC (16 to 320 kbit/s), WMA, WMA lossless (16 bit only), MP3 (16 to 320 kbit/s), MP3 VBR, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, OGG, VORBIS


Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL
Devialet Dialog needed


Windows 7+, MacOS 10.9+, iOS 7+, Android 4.4+


Download the White Paper


Dialog: PHANTOM’s intelligent hub.

Dialog - Dialog Sublime

PHANTOM experience with Dialog : Sublime

Dialog is PHANTOM’s intelligent hub. It significantly enhances the PHANTOM experience. With Dialog, enjoy the best online streaming services in HD: Deezer, Qobuz and TIDAL (and soon many more) and connect PHANTOM in duo, Cinema, or multi-room mode… up to 24 PHANTOMS

Free shipping for PHANTOM

With or Without Dialog ?

Play through Wi-Fi all the music stored on your computer, tablet or phone

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Connect sources via optical (Airport extreme, Bluetooth module, game console, CD player, DVD, Blu-Ray)

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Access all the best music streaming services (Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL and more soon)

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Synchronize your Phantoms (Duo Mode, Cinema, etc.)

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Enjoy Multi-room

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Simplified installation process for Phantom

Without Dialog

With Dialog

PLC data transmition (on top of Wi-Fi to optimize audio signal)

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Play music in rooms out of wifi range

Without Dialog

With Dialog

Technical specifications


Processor 4 core - 1GHz (Freescale iMX6)

2 GBytes DDRAM / 4 GBytes FLASH


Gigabit Ethernet Switch

3 x Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz (802.11abgn)

1 x PLC 500Mbps (HomePlugAV)



1 x 1Gbps ETH port

1 x optical input

1 port USB2


Synchronization of all Phantoms in less than 20µs

High performance WiFi network 2.4GHz + 5GHz + PLC with each Phantom

Proxy and NAT management to create a dedicated network with each Phantom

Online music streaming services management

Upgrade management

@DEVIALET Time travelers from the future brought alien technology into my living room. The result is aural perfection! - Andy Rubin @Arubin -
" Very impressed by the passion and the amazing PHANTOM product Devialet has created. Incredible. Oh my neighbors will love me with my Devialet speaker. I'm in love with it! Enjoying listening very loud! "
Loic Le Meur @loic, Entrepreneur/Founder @Le Web
Loic Le Meur @loic, Entrepreneur/Founder @Le Web
got a @devialet speaker. unbelievable full-volume performance! - Sam Altman ‏@sama -
Incredible sound in an incredible package @devialet Phantom - Tony Fadell ‏@tfadell -
Just got demo of @DEVIALET.. Been tracking them since launch. Mind is blown. Apple meets Sonos x 10 - Peter Pham ‏@peterpham -
Bravo! @DEVIALET Ce qui est arrivé de plus beau à la musique depuis fort longtemps - Renaud Capuçon ‏@RCapucon -
" Devialet is to music what Tesla is to automobile, a technological and emotional revolution! "
Tesla Motors France
Tesla Motors France
" Devialet is the excellency of professional sound for music fans. "
Wax Tailor, Musician
Wax Tailor, Musician
" One day everyone will own a Devialet. It’s absolutely incredible! "
Thierry Chassagne, CEO Warner Music France
Thierry Chassagne, CEO Warner Music France
" When listening to music with a Devialet I have the feeling of rediscovering tracks I know. This system reveals the intensity of the sound and conveys the passion I feel in the creative process of playing but this time while listening. It’s really out of this world. "
Yaron Herman, Composer & Piano Player
Yaron Herman, Composer & Piano Player
" With their exclusive technology and their unique design, they succeeded brilliantly in reinventing the HiFi. "
Daniel Marhely, CEO Deezer
Daniel Marhely, CEO Deezer
" Blown away by the Devialet Phantom connected speaker. By far the most amazing audio product in a very long time. Thanks to the Devialet team for giving me an opportunity to discover this breakthrough product. "
David Marcus, Entrepreneur
David Marcus, Entrepreneur
" Incredible sound in an incredible package @devialet Phantom. The Phantom is truly breakthrough... "
Tony Fadell @tfadell, Founder/CEO of Nest
Tony Fadell @tfadell, Founder/CEO of Nest
completely utterly blown away by @DEVIALET Phantom. Was left speechless by the sound even from a streaming sound source in our office. - Cat Le-Huy ‏@nacht -
YES... Playing Phantom implosive sound centre at home. There's no way back.. Really. #music #devialet #phantom #hifi #hiend - Alina K @AlinaKmusic -
The Phantom speaker from Devialet sounds amazing (even in a crazy loud room) - Devindra Hardawar ‏@Devindra -
Écoute du Phantom Devialet... Esthétiquement étonnant , acoustiquement bluffant ! - FX ‏@cachemfr -
Je viens d'écouter le futur technologique du son ! Et ça fait du bien ! #phantomrising #soundofthefutur - Yodelice ‏@Yodelice -
Ce truc est DINGUE ! #want - Stéphane Distinguin @fano -
The @Devialet Phantom was the most impressive product I saw (or heard) at CES, by far. Check this out: - Andru Edwards ‏@AndruEdwards -
Never heard a sound like that. Amazing - Nicolas Beytout ‏@nicolasbeytout -
Rediscover what sound really is: emotion maker! - Manuel Diaz ‏@manueldiaz -
" No other current wireless speaker of its size can compete with it. Most high-end speakers can’t compete with it. And with its crazy connectivity and Devialet’s built-in ADH power, the Phantom has all kinds of things going for it. Yes, Devialet has their sights set high. So far, they’re delivering. "
Jeff Fritz, Editor-in-Chief @ The SoundStage! Network
Jeff Fritz, Editor-in-Chief @ The SoundStage! Network
Comme prévu, j'ai pleuré... - Martin Vialle @viallem -
... avec Devialet ce matin, j'avais l'impression d'avoir Jobs et Wozniak m'apportant le premier mac :) - Stephane Soumier @ssoumier -

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Phantom is simple

These video tutorials will guide you through all the installation steps of Phantom

Choose option A if you have Devialet’s router, Dialog.
Choose option B if you don’t have Devialet’s router, Dialog.


You have the router DIALOG by Devialet and wish to install one or many Phantom

Click here to connect your CD/DVD/Blu Ray player


You don’t have the router DIALOG by Devialet and wish to install one Phantom.

Option 1 : Connect your Phantom to your Internet Wi-Fi router with an Ethernet
Option 2 : Connect your Phantom via Wi-Fi

OPTION 1 : Connect your Phantom via Wi-Fi

Cliquez ici pour rajouter une connexion par fil à un lecteur CD/DVD/Blu Ray

OPTION 2 : Advanced Setup (With Ethernet & Toslink-optical cable)

Click here to connect your CD/DVD/Blu Ray player

Use Devialet SPARK's Application

Silicon Valley


The ultra dense sound has already physically impacted the big shots of the Silicon Valley.
Stay tuned, we will soon be just around the corner.

“A technological Tour de Force. There’s no other System on the market that puts out this kind of sound”
Read the article
Andy Rubin
Ex-CEO of Android
“Time travelers from the future brought alien technology into my living room.The result is aural perfection! ”
Read the tweet
Florian Seroussi
CEO of FS Ventures
“Devialet is to music what grape is to wine. Where beauty meets sound.”
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“Wicked Bluetooth Speaker That Is Worth $1900”
Read the article
Tony Fadell
Founder of Nest
“Incredible Sound In An Incredible Package”
Read the tweet
Samuel W. Lessin
EX-VP of Facebook
“This Devialet Phantom is mind-blowing ”
Posted on Facebook - 31 May 2015
Aaron Harris
Co-Founder of Tutorspree
“Phantom is easily one of the coolest and most impressive speakers I've ever encountered. I felt like the dog in the RCA ads.”
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Loic lemeur
CEO of leweb & seesmic
“Really Impressed by the Passion and Incredible Phantom. Trully Amazing”
Posted on Facebook - 31 May 2015
Om Malik
Founder of gigaom
“But the sound, ohhhh—mmmy—god!!!! So good!”
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Phantom implodes wired

The Wi-Fi music system you’ve been waiting for

Discover Phantom

Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine, published in both print and online editions, that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics. Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has been in publication since January 1993.

By Rene Chun / Wired

Quotes from the Article posted on June 25th, 2015

  • This is the same country that invented the Cartesian coordinate system, Champagne, antibiotics, and the bikini. Dismiss the French at your own peril.
  • From WAF to WTF!
  • The only way to experience such an otherworldly sound is to sit in Row C, Seat 107 at Carnegie Hall precisely 45 minutes after dropping a tab of acid.
  • The Phantom is a technological tour de force. There’s no other system on the market that puts out this kind of sound for this kind of money
  • If Tom Ford sketched a Wi-Fi music rig for his Richard Neutra house in L.A., this is what he’d come up with
  • Buy a dozen, and scatter them around the house like confetti.
  • Set up a Phantom network big enough to fill the most sprawling trophy house that Silicon Valley money can buy.
  • Silver Phantom is 'weaponized.

Everybody is talking about Phantom

750 Watts - 99 dB

US$ 1,990
3000 Watts - 105 dB

US$ 2,390