Spotify Connect* is now available for Phantom, the best sound in the world.

You are only a few steps from the ultimate Spotify experience.
All you need is a Spotify Premium account and at least one Phantom connected to the internet.

best - ears

From your headphones to Phantom in a single click

Your music follows you everywhere.

Are you listening to Spotify on your headphones on your way home?
Once you get there, in just one click, play the tune you were listening to seamlessly on Phantom. And the beat goes on.

And the beat goes on.

Control Phantom from all your devices

Mobile, tablet or computer with the Spotify app.

Spotify Connect Control

iPhone, iPad, Androïd devices, Desktop computers, choose which one controls your music
And actually, you don’t even have to choose: with Spotify Connect, they are all simultaneously connected to Phantom.

And the more the merrier: your guests can control the playlist too.

The best sound in the world
The easiest way ever

Zéro configuration.
Make phone calls. Play videos.
Music never stops.

You like Spotify Premium? Then don’t change a single thing, Phantom is ready. No need to download or install anything. Just choose Phantom on Spotify connect and there you go. And because nothing should stop the music, you can pick up or place phone calls, receive texts or even show the latests LolCats video on your phone, Phantom keeps the rhythm.

best - simple

Phantom in the cloud

Control Phantom from anywhere in the world.

With Phantom and Spotify Connect, control your music from wherever you are. You don’t even need to be connected to your wifi network, your device is the most powerful remote.

If you want to play “Happy birthday” on your Phantom at home from your hotel on a business trip on the other side of the world, nothing’s easier!

And in the evening, start a playlist, turn off you phone, and let the music play.

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Spotify Premium

* Spotify Connect is a feature available for Spotify Premium users.